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During descents, it’s easy to get above maneuvering speed or even redline if you’re not paying attention. With three adults and some luggage, you could load 80 gallons of Jet-A and fly a 400-nm trip at high-speed cruise or close to 500 nm at lower power settings. Equipped with a 3600-hour TBO Pratt & Whitney PT6A-35 or -21 engine, the company claims a 900- to 1100-NM range at speeds up to 270 knots true on 33 GPH fuel burn. Match My Mission: Which airplane is right for me? Aside from its ramp appeal, pilots were intrigued with its high-flying pressurized cabin, 200-knot cruise speed and its impressive range. ( Cessna pulled it off using a proven airframe in the P210, but it had its growing pains. ... Cruise speed: 470 km/h. There was nothing quite like it and Piper soon found a loyal market for its new flagship product, mostly among well-to-do owners who could afford to sink a half-million bucks into a new single and who flew the kind of missions where the Malibu shined. Cruise speed drops to 200 KTAS at FL200. The PIPER Malibu Mirage G1000, manufactured from 1989 - to present, requires a 1 person crew and can transport up to 5 passengers. The -310P, with its lower fuel consumption—as much as 4 to 5 GPH when flown by the book—has nearly 25 percent better range and is only about 5 percent slower. 0 On the flip side, there is no other aircraft that can do what the PA-46 does as efficiently and inexpensively. The PA-46’s long, high-aspect-ratio wing is good for climb and high-altitude performance, but along with it comes a low maneuvering speed in the mid-130s KIAS at gross, decreasing as the airplane gets lighter. The Matrix is essentially a Mirage without the complex pressurization system that might increase workload to newer pilots. Best Cruise: 201 KIAS Dispatch reliability is excellent—I average 250 hours per year. The lack of cowl flaps doesn’t help matters. Other than smoke in the cabin related to a burnt resistor, I have not experienced any inflight emergencies. I found no surprises while transitioning to the Mirage. Standard Empty Equipped Weight (*b,c): 3080 lbs./1397 kgs. After owning a Cessna 182T and T206, I purchased a 2010 Mirage. Piper Aircraft no longer refers to their top-of-the-line aircraft with the names Malibu, Malibu Mirage or Malibu Meridian. The pressurization system has been flawless. - Features that would be useful to you. The Piper M600 Medium Turbo-prop was first manufactured in 2016 and can be configured to carry a maximum of 5 passengers, 713 miles at a typical cruising speed of 293 mph. Are you sure you want to delete your review? Maintenance is, as one owner told us, “a serious activity” for PA-46 owners, regardless of the powerplant type. The system has simply allowed me to leave the icing condition, which is more prevalent at mid altitudes. I like the airplane a lot and have flown it nearly 3000 hours. ) We have the data. / 454 Liters Weights • Maximum Takeoff Weight: 4,340 lbs. Piper PA-46-350P Malibu Mirage - Performance Data. Range in no-wind conditions is 1400 NM with reserves and three people on board. Indeed, some owners believe that with the Mirage, Piper jumped from the pan into the fire, especially with regard to engine longevity—or lack of it. One reported that his annuals average $6500 for everything; another said $7000 to $10,000. But it will comfortably carry four people and baggage with full tanks, yielding a nonstop range of about 1400 miles for the Malibu and 1000 to 1200 miles for the Mirage. Pilots who are wide of girth and long of leg will be cramped up front; the seats don’t slide back as far as they do in a Mooney or a Cessna. I’ve found the cabin to be ideal for carrying Angel Flight passengers and their families. Getting into the seats requires minor contortions through a narrow aisle between bulkheads walling off the rear cabin. Being a fairly low-time pilot at 550 hours when I purchased the. Piper M-Class. Range with max fuel and reserves at normal cruising speed and optimum altitude 1953km (1055nm). 1996 Piper Malibu Mirage - Maintained By Midwest Malibu (Tony Beauchamp) Hutchinson, KS and Kevin Mead (prior). The support from the MMOPA is second to none. The current version of the Mirage is the Piper M-350, which has an updated version of the Garmin G1000 to include an automatic emergency descent mode to help rescue pilots and crew if overcome by cabin pressurization failures and hypoxia. TIO-540AE2A Horsepower: 350 TBO hrs. The basic Malibu design has stood the test of time very well. Advertisement Piper 1998 PA-46-350P Malibu Mirage Engine make/model: Lyc. The Piper PA-61 Aerostar was designed by Ted R. Smith as a twin-engined propeller-driven aircraft produced from 1967 to 1984. Get Insurance Operating Costs Apply for Financing. Is one better than the other in terms of maintenance? Potential business lines include aviation data services (to consumers or manufacturers), aircraft brokerage, financing and insurance, marketing and advertising, and targeted sales of products ranging from avionics to t-shirts, and services ranging from overhauls to flight instruction. It was essentially the same airplane with a Lycoming TIO-540-AE2A of 350 HP. As with most early production airplanes, mine has a relatively low empty weight and a very decent useful load of 1325 pounds. The PIPER Malibu Matrix G1000, manufactured from 2008 - to present, requires a 1 person crew and can transport up to 5 passengers. Many owners maintain that the Continental was and is a superior engine for the Malibu, but in 1989 Piper introduced the Malibu Mirage with a Lycoming engine. It’s cold back there in the flight levels, even during the summer. The turbine-powered Meridian uses the same basic airframe the Malibu pioneered but with substantial modifications. While we have received reports of squawk lists on annuals reaching 25 percent of the value of the airplane, the majority of owners say that they recognize it’s expensive to maintain a pressurized single and if they stay ahead of the game, the price is not outrageous. Piper Malibu. Plus, removing all of the pressurization hardware from the airframe bumps the useful load up to 1421 pounds, while fuel capacity remains the same. The airplane has been amazingly trouble-free, even when compared to a Cherokee. About 50 percent of my flights are under 140 miles and the rest are over 750 miles. I operate out of an 800-meter by 10-meter asphalt runway. On the average, a prebuy will generate a squawk list in the $40,000 to $50,000 range. You are disciplined and relentless in chasing after big dreams. 2014 PIPER MALIBU MIRAGE. Pilots report that the gear makes an effective speedbrake. When it first appeared in the mid-1980s, the Piper Malibu was a head turner. 25,000 ft | 7,620 m Max Approved Altitude Generally, at altitudes above 23,000 feet, the airplane engine is not happy and requires perfect operating etiquette. Although it is approved for flight into known icing, flight characteristics change significantly with ice on the structure. The handling characteristics of the PA-46 are indeed excellent, although they lack the rocklike stability that many instrument pilots prefer. It had a long, rakish snoot housing a six-cylinder Continental TSIO-520BE rated at 310 HP and with two turbochargers, providing enough bleed air to keep the cabin comfortably inflated at FL250. As a pilot and owner, I rely on the association for top-notch tech support, safety training, events and resources. Piper’s execution left something to be desired. I’ve generated a discrepancy list of $180,000 on an airplane only three hours out of an annual at a Piper dealer. The light transport aircraft was initially built by Ted Smith Aerostar Company before it became Piper Aircraft Corporation. The learning curve for the inexperienced is pretty steep because there are more systems than usual in a piston-powered airplane and the common systems are frequently set up differently. Whoever was to blame for Malibu engine problems, squabbles between owners, Piper and TCM grew heated and ugly at times. How many other aircraft have a performance envelope that allows takeoffs and landings in that distance, on very hot and humid days, and then a climb to FL270 and a cruise of 260 knots burning 30 GPH? Home > Aircraft Specs > Manufacturers > Piper Aircraft > PA-46-350P Malibu Mirage Performance Information. Initial rate of climb 1220ft/min. The Piper Malibu may well be your choice if your flying will be high, a long range is needed in great comfort and between well equipped and serviced aerodromes. Like most airplanes, the Malibu is not a fill-the-seats-and-tanks six- seater. Later models have overhead switches that are a challenge for the presbyopic set and concern us from a crashworthiness standpoint. Although the company succeeded, its success was haunted by engineering decisions made early in the program. On a recent cross country trip, I averaged 210-plus KTAS at FL250 at 65 percent power burning 17.5 GPH at 75 degrees lean of peak. I have an ATP rating and have logged 9000 hours of flight time. The Malibu is an excellent high-altitude performer, especially with the IO-550 conversion . Horsepower: 310 Gross Weight: 4100 lbs Top Speed: 203 kts Empty Weight: 2460 lbs Cruise Speed: 187 kts Fuel Capacity: 120 gal Stall Speed (dirty): 50 kts Range: 1261 nm Takeoff: Landing: Ground Roll: 1440 ft Ground Roll 1070 ft: Over 50 ft obstacle: 2025 ft Over … Mirage pilots pay more at the gas pumps but in exchange, they go a little faster, with speeds typically of 220 knots at FL230-250 at 75 percent power burning 18.8 GPH.

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