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Sep 27, 2017 - The Art & Design of Vintage Cosmetic Packaging and Promotion. Originally published in 1956, this rare makeup, beauty and hairstyling book contains … See more ideas about westmore, vintage cosmetics, vintage makeup. As with Dax's spots, only Mike Westmore ever applied Chakotay's tattoo on Robert Beltran--and by hand. More authentic and outlet products at replicachanel.com. Bud Westmore worked as a makeup artist on Elvis' final dramatic film, "Change of Habit. ... Find a Grave may contact you via email about their products and services, such as what's new, upcoming events, and tips for using the site. Adhuna Bhabani, who is among India’s biggest hairstylists was a part of the project, as was Pompy Hans. Wally Westmore served as makeup supervisor on Elvis' 1960 musical "G.I. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Monte, the oldest, was Rudolph Valentino's makeup artist. Ernest Westmore worked with Warner Brothers, 20th Century Fox and legendary makeup artist Max Factor, and won the first-ever award given to a makeup artist for his work on the western "Cimarron." Whether making a glamorous leading lady look the part, or turning a handsome actor into a scary movie monster, the Westmores created true makeup movie magic. Fake Chanel Buy. Marvin worked on films like "Dr. Doolittle" and "Blade Runner.". You can unsubscribe or customize your email settings at any time. See additional information including special holiday hours. Frank also penned a book about his family called "The Westmores of Hollywood. The slightly older women cast in the film kept their ‘dated’ 50’s makeup, a purposeful juxtaposition. Only 10 minutes from downtown and 3 minutes from the Memphis Airport. A behind the scenes color shot of cult stars' Fred Gwynne and Al Lewis, as Herman and Grandpa Munster, goofing around with two make-up artists. At one point, a member of the Westmore family headed up every major motion picture studio in Hollywood. Bud was in charge of the makeup at Universal and was especially talented at monster make-up. Frank also worked on Elvis' 1965 comedy "Tickle Me" as a makeup artist. Westmore Beauty Book -- A Complete 1950s Guide to Vintage Makeup, Hairstyling and Beauty Techniques [Bud Westmore, Perc Westmore, Frank Westmore, Mont Westmore, Wally Westmore] on Amazon.com. At the time, many actors did their own makeup, so there were no makeup departments or artists. Special offers and product promotions. Perc, Wally and Bud Westmore. Family Members. The Westmore family's makeup journey began with George Westmore, a British wigmaker. Karl Silvera is on the left and the famous Perc Westmore on the right, circa 1960s. Chanel Outlet. What I find especially enthusing about the Westmore Beauty Book is the authors' stance on beauty: rather than encouraging women to meet a single false ideal, they run with th The authors, makeup artists to the stars, cover everything from how to style your hair & makeup, to skin and exercise routines. ", Monte had three sons who continued the successful Westmore story. Wally headed Paramount makeup from 1926, having done makeup for 300 films, along with television for 43 years. Girls! Holiday Gift Ideas. 1 distinct work Westmore Beauty Book: A Complete 1950s Guide To Vintage Makeup, Hairstyling And Beauty Techniques by Hollywood gals show their current lip rouging techniques in June 1930 - 1930s Lipstick tricks - Carolyn Van Wycks's Beauty Shop from June 1930 Anita Page - scorns the use of tricky beauty aids in. Valentine's Day Gifts. Prior to this, Wally had worked as a mechanic, then at Brunton Studio and at Warner Bros. Perc Ern, Monte and Wally set up House of Westmore Beauty Salon. - Ern Westmore. He is known for his work on The War of the Worlds (1953), Vertigo (1958) and … Q. The English wigmaker George Westmore, for whom the Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist Guild's George Westmore Lifetime Achievement Award is named, founded the first (and tiny) film makeup department, at Selig Polyscope Company in 1917. Learn More. This Double Feature Blush uses Westmore's powder over cream Hollywood make-up technique for naturally flushed, glowing skin. He was with the makeup, or “bags and sags,”’ department at Paramount Studios 43 years, most of the time in charge of it. For many of Elvis' 31 films, his movie makeup was done by, or supervised by, the famous Westmore family of make-up artists. George experimented and established guidelines and techniques that are still in place today. Originally published in 1956, this rare makeup, … Wally Westmore, head od make-up department at Paramount studios has a word to say on the subject. Memphis, TN 38116 Led by their patriarch, George Westmore, the family has had four generations serve Hollywood as make-up artists in various capacities since George's establishment of Hollywood's first make-up department in 1917. Wally Westmore was born on February 13, 1906 in England as Walter James Westmore. He retired five years ago. This site uses cookies to offer you a better browsing experience. Wally's cameo on This is your life: Harold Lloyd. ", The three youngest Westmore sons, Frank, Bud and Wally, worked with Elvis. He served as a makeup artist on "Loving You," "Paradise, Hawaiian Style" and "Tickle Me.". Monty Westmore, a third-generation member of the legendary family of Hollywood makeup artists whose long career included "The Towering Inferno," "Jurassic Park" and "Hook," has died. Westmore Beauty Book -- A Complete 1950s Guide to Vintage Makeup, Hairstyling and Beauty Techniques

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